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I am a professional Graphic designer. My hobbies are editing raw, faded images into eye popping with the help of professional photo editing tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and so on...

Image Masking Services with Photoshop Mask Clipping Mask

Outsource Image offer Photoshop image masking services, Photoshop clipping masking services to isolate the complex image from their existing backgrounds. Outsource image masking services to remove unwanted backgrounds from photos. When clipping path is not delivering 100% quality outcomes, image masking technique is the right way to isolate images from old backdrops.



  • Clearing out strands of irregular shapes of hairlines
  • Removing of the shiny or brightening portion reflected on shiny objects
  • Highlighting products of various items like shrugs, shawls etc.,


Image Masking Services to remove complex image from their backdrops



Photoshop Image Masking Services | Remove Difficult Image Backgrounds


  • Creating soft transitions on images
  • Selective colorization by layer transparency
  • Remove backgrounds from images
  • Create transparency
  • Use customized backgrounds
  • Create ads, magazine covers and more
  • Cut-out or isolate the desired image
  • Remove or changing background colors from the images
  • Reuse the extracted image with different background
  • Enable masking for hair, fur, and other semi-transparent material.
  • Enable dropping shadows of the desired image


Send 2 or 3 images to our Photoshop image masking team and get back to your images within quick turnaround time.


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