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Neck Joint Services in Photoshop | Ghost Mannequin Neck Fixing Services

Neck Joint Service was offered by outsource image with accurate image stitching technique of joining the front and back dresses images without making any imaging mistakes. Outsource image offers neck joint services/neck fixing services to garments business services providers, online cloth selling business provider and some of the fashion industries. Our ghost mannequin image editing experts are well trained and have an unbeatable skill to clip the dress or cloth images from the mannequin and add the back side dress to that cloth images by the high-end ghost mannequin photography editing technique.



We will make your hide dress part of the back side view with best visible by this Neck Joint Service. 100% accuracy is our specialty and we are providing this service in past year decade without making any mistakes and our clients are achieving their business target by selling its cloth through online and some other fashion selling. Neck joint service is one of the best and important techniques for the E-commerce business owners to sell their various clothes like the shirt, paint, t-shirt, inner wear and all the women’s wear through online.      


Neck Joint Services and Ghost Mannequin Removal Services to Apparel Photographers


Neck joint service and the Ghost Mannequin Removal service is the same editing technique the removing the dresses from the mannequin by the world best clipping Photoshop software and with the experienced editors. To expose your dress to this world you need the best advertisement with the great clipping path service.


If you need to cover a number of customers for your business and need to bring your business to the top most position just get our Ghost Mannequin Removal service for your dress images. The dress photographer won’t have any care to take the image without the additional interrupts and disturbances. For example, the new cloth contains the price tag and the mannequins have the shadow behind it when the lighting is in front of the mannequin.


Neck joint ghost mannequin image editing techniques:


Outsource image providing this ghost mannequin photo retouching service by the below-editing techniques like,


  • Color correction for the dress images
  • Apply the perfect clipping technique to remove the cloth from the mannequin
  • Making the invisible back side dress part to visible
  • Making the resizing to adjust the cloth size
  • Cleaning the label and price tag by the image retouching service
  • Remove the unwanted shadows and the unwanted dust, color and other interruptions on the cloth
  • Apply the image masking service to clip the complex image parts from the mannequin
  • Apply custom image editing techniques


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Source: http://www.outsourceimage.com/photo-editing-services/photo-manipulation.aspx